Introduction: Make MAGIC Box and Girl From Cardboard

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Hello! This is a magic show

The box is designed to protect. It could safely protect this girl from the swords

It is interesting! Do it to show off to your friends

Let's make it!

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Fully Prepared

Fully Prepared : Paper knife, Pencil, Ruler and a piece of Cardboard

Step 2: Draw & Cut

Draw a box (as shown) and Cut

Step 3: Tick

Mark the points as I did. Pay attention to the distance

Do the same with the other one (fourth photo)

Step 4: Use Chopsticks

Use chopsticks. distance on chopsticks is 2cm

Mark the spots and stick the chopsticks in (third photo)

Step 5: Make Box Frame

Make Box Frame

Use a 5cm wide cover and it's pretty long

And fasten it with 502 Glue

We have finished the bottom box (fourth photo)

Step 6: Make the Top of the Box

Make the top of the box

Note : Box frame surrounds inner cover plate

Once done, we have half the work done (second photo)

Step 7: Make Swords

Use ice cream sticks to make swords (6 Pieces)

Wrap tape around ice cream sticks to create handles

Step 8: Mechanism of Action

Take a look at how the box works

Note: Looking over the image above will be difficult to imagine. Click on the link below to see how it works ( in the minute 03:56 - 04:02)

Click here

Step 9: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

Thank you for watching.

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Step 10: