Make Meta Knights Sword!

Introduction: Make Meta Knights Sword!

So, you want to make Meta Knights sword from the Kirby games? Then just listen to these steps here, lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

So, first things first, you're gonna need some stuff to make the sword with. You will need: 6 one inch sections of half inch PVC piping, 3 half inch PVC cross pieces, four 45 degree angle pieces of half inch PVC, three 5 inch sections of half inch PVC, one 6 inch sections of half inch PVC, along with a foam noodle, and silver duct tape and yellow/gold duct tape. Got all that? Then lets get started.

Step 2: Spike Pieces

Assemble the four elbow pieces with some of the 1 inch PVC stubs as shown in the photo, then, set them aside.

Step 3: Blade

Now, use the two 5 inch sections and the 6 inch sections and insert them into the cross pieces as shown.

Step 4: Taking Shape

Now, put the pieces you just made together to form the blade without it's handle. Make sure the 6 inch section is the one on the end.

Step 5: Getting There.

Now, grab the pieces you made with the elbow joints earlier, and place them into the top two slots on both sides of the sword, while also putting the last two PVC pipe stubs into the unoccupied cross section at the bottom.

Step 6: Start Foaming.

Now, you want to cut the pool noodle in half long ways, then cut off what you need to cover the blade (Without covering the stubs). Next, you'll need to tape it onto the sword to make sure that it stays there.

Step 7: Almost Done!

After you tape up the blade, it should look something like this. Next, you'll be putting foam over the spikes, you can do this by doing the same thing you did with the main blade, cutting a noodle in half long ways and then cut off what you need for each spike. Then, tape the foam on with the same gold tape you used for the blade.

Step 8: Nearly There!

Now that you're done foaming the whole thing up, it should look something like this, now, all it's missing is a handle! You should have one left over section of five inch long half inch PVC pipe left, just shove that into the exposed end of the handle and you're done!

Step 9: Finish!

There, now you're finished! Once it's all done, it should look like what you see in the picture shown. Have fun using it to fend off bad guys.

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    4 years ago

    Very cool!