Introduction: Make Mini Coca Cola & Sprite Candles DIY Soda Candles

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Are You looking for the best Do-It-Yourself gift idea for new year or Christmas or any occasion Here is How To Make Coca Cola And Sprite Or Customized Fruit or any Colored Candles,Its easy to make them and gift them to your loved ones. or Getting bored of Regular candles watch this easy quick tutorial and make yours.

For this DIY project all you need is candles or wax which ever is available for you an some candle wicks, You can collect them from olden candles or else buy them if not its easy collect the cotton thread and make it thick by folding and use it as a wick. For Coca Cola Candle we require 1 brown crayon and 2 black crayons, For sprite candle you need 1 lite green and 1 dark green crayons, For custom made color its your wish hardly for 300 ml bottle it requires 3 crayons use white wax for making.


Wax or white candles,

Empty coca cola sprite bottles,

Candle wicks and crayons

Step 2: Procedure

Mark the position of liquid in the bottle and the melt the wax in hot water bath during melting add 1 brown and 2 black crayons for coca cola candle for sprite candle use 1 dark green and one light green crayon,crayon melts and give colour.

Step 3: Procedure

Make a wick from cotton thread or else make yours by using cotton thread by folding it until we get desired thickness.To this wick add some weight at bottom using bolts or small stones,and then place them in tha plastic bottle.peel the bottle label and keep it safe for final step.

Step 4: Procedure

take a bowl and add some cold water and then place the bottle inside the bowl and then pour the melted wax inside the bottle up to the mark, after the mark fill it with white wax after cooling down the bottom colored melted wax portion.

Step 5: Peeling

keep candles that were made aside for 3 to 4 hours and then peel the plastic layer over it using blade or scissor, you can customize the color of your candle what ever you liked, i made pink colored sprite candle using pink crayons and white wax.

Step 6: Final Step

stick the removed labels from the bottles over the peeled candles, Our candles are ready let's light up and enjoy.


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