Make Mini Threshing Machine From Cardboard



Introduction: Make Mini Threshing Machine From Cardboard

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Hello! This is our threshing machine

A very interesting product. You can decorate it indoors

It is easy to do and takes no time

Let's see how it works

Let's make it

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare a A4 paper

Draw a circle with the same diameter as the A4 paper

After you're done drawing, cut it

Step 2: Folding

Fold the Paper into several times

And cut as shown in the image to create a texture for the circle

Step 3: Paste the Cut Circle Onto a Piece of Cardboard

Paste the cut circle onto a piece of cardboard

Use pen, ruler, paper knife to cut along the drawn line

Step 4: Wheel First

So we have a wheel first

Step 5: Place the First Wheel on Another Piece of Cardboard and Do the Same

Place the first wheel on another piece of cardboard and do the same

Step 6: Prepare Small Cardboards

Prepare small cardboards 8cm x 4cm in size (8 Pieces)

Attach two wheels with the cardboard you just created

Step 7: Prepare

Prepare the covers as in the picture

Glue the cardboards together

Step 8: Use Clothes Hangers

Use clothes hangers available in the home

Use pliers to bend the hook as shown to create the spindle

Attach the main shaft to the wheel

Step 9: Prepare

Prepare cardboard as shown

Let's form a box

Make a hole small enough to put the battery in

Step 10: Create Rotation Mechanism

Create rotation mechanism

Use an on / off switch and conduct electrical connection as shown

Step 11: Create the Robot

Create the robot

Attach the robot's hand to the clothes hanger

Step 12: Use a Spray Nozzle

Use a spray nozzle

Use the marker cap

And weld it to the clothes hanger

Step 13: Decorate

Draw a robot's face on a ping pong ball

Decorate products to your liking

Step 14: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

Thank you for watching

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