Make Musical Instrument Using Arduino and Flick Large

Introduction: Make Musical Instrument Using Arduino and Flick Large

Listen to your inner body energy and vibrations. Project describes how to make electronic instrument that converts hand waves into music.

Arduino is programmed to convert hand-waving above 3D gesture Flick board to musical notes and then synthesizes music producing audio output at GPIO pin.


Step 1: Schematic

Step 2: Connect Flick Large to Arduino

Fit Flick Large board into case and Connect to Arduino according to Schematic. Flick Large board is shipped with male/female ribbon proto-cable, but this cable is too long for use with Arduino Uno. One solution is to cut excessive length to around 100 mm, reconnect and isolate like on image above. Other solution is to order shorter ribbon proto-cable.

  • Flick VCC -> Ard pin 10
    Flick LED2 -> Ard pin 8
  • Flick LED1 -> Ard pin 9
  • Flick GND -> Ard pin GND
  • Flick TS -> Ard pin 12
  • Flick Reset -> Ard pin 13
  • FLICK SCL -> Ard I2C SCL
  • Flick SDA -> Ard I2C SDA

Step 3: Connect Audio Output Cable and Low-pass Filter to Arduino

Use RCA male/female cable from list and separate into two mono-cables (only one needed). Cut connector on one end, male or female depending what matches your speaker's input. Remove isolation from cable's end and connect wires with 4.75 Kohm resistor and 10nF capacitor from list according to Schematic.

  • Ard audio out + pin 11 -> Cable inner conductor (through series 4.75K resistor)
  • Ard audio out - pin 3 -> Cable outer conductor

Step 4: Connect Active Speaker to Audio Output From Arduino

Connect Active Speaker to audio output from Arduino. If your speaker's input connector is not compatible to RCA use RCA adapter cable. In this project instead of active speaker audio output from Arduino is connected to Audio Amplifier that drives loudspeaker, but you can use PC speakers as well.

Step 5: Connect Arduino to PC Using USB Type A/B Cable

Step 6: Install Arduino IDE

Download and Install Arduino IDE on PC or Laptop.

Step 7: Install Synth Library

Download as zip dzlonline/the_synth from github. Open Arduino IDE, go to menu->Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library.. navigate to and open downloaded .zip file. Close Arduino IDE.

Step 8: Install Flick-music Program

Download attached to PC, rename to and unzip. Open Arduino IDE, go to menu->File->Open and navigate to flick_music.ino inside flick_music directory and click open. Click Arrow Icon to upload code.

Step 9: Play

And that's it now you can move your hand above Flick board and if everything is correct music will be played. You can change octave by tapping left or right electrode on the edges of Flick board.

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