Introduction: Make-Over Your Wine Bottles for Your Halloween Party!

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If you want an all-around awesome Halloween party without leaving a single out, then be sure to make these crafty wine label replacements for the wine bottles that your guests will see.

The labels are best for your Red wines as the gimmick here is the labels are designed as though these bottles are filled with blood for the vampires to feast on. Although that sounds a little icky, and this surely is for adults (or older kids---use grape juice bottles) it’s a fun/funny/clever trick that most people get a kick out of! We provide the artwork for many different types of “Bloodeaux” from the finest Veinyards! See! It’s a hilarious adventure in Puns! (And we have a few for white wines also!)

DOWNLOAD your labels (13 to choose from)  at 

You must print the labels.  Feel free to mix and match. The more labels, the more entertainment for the guests!

You can either get inkjet paper that has the adhesive on the back (for making labels) or you can use spray glue (spray mount) to attach regular paper.

If you do not use the adhesive label paper, you will have many types of paper to choose from. You can choose different colors or fancy paper with textures and patterns. Most copy shops will even sell these to you in individual sheets and they will have a little binder full of selections to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen your paper and the labels, simply print the labels, cut them out, and paste them on. This is an extra “bite” of entertainment that will be a real hoot at your “you’ve thought of everything” Halloween party!

1) DOWNLOAD your labels (13 to choose from)  at

2) PRINT THE LABELS on inkjet or fancy textured paper.

3) CUT the labels out. (There are two per 8.5” x 11” sheet.)

4) If you are not using self-adhesive label-making paper, use spray glue (spray mount) on the back of the label. It’s best to apply this glue OUTDOORS and use another sheet of paper underneath to catch the overspray.

5) Carefully paste the label onto the bottle covering up the vineyard’s label. Our labels are larger than MOST wine labels.

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