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In this tutorial I am going to make PVC pipe cage by using pvc pipes of the length of 1 inches which is a normal pvc pipe for water supply but can be use in a lot of projects , making pvc cage by using pvc pipe is simple and easy project.


3 way elbow x 8

Pvc pipes 12 inches length x 16

Net wire according to size

Cable Ties

Elbow x 4

Door Knob

1 inches screws x 24

Door hinge

Door lock

16"x16" plyboard

Step 1: Making Joints

Join all the pvc pipes to 3 way elbows making a square shape

Step 2: Putting Net

put meal net over the structure , it will be easy if it is cut by it's size to form on all it's 4 sides covering in one piece.

Tighten the net on all it's sides by pvc so it stays strongly and doesn't move from the structure.

Step 3: Make Door

Take 4 elbows and make a square shape ,put the net over it and tighten it with the cable ties.

Step 4: Place Necessary Things

Put the door hinge on the door and structure and tighten it with the screws ,make hole for door knob and set it up , place the door lock and put it on with screws.

Step 5: Making Base

Place the plyboard on the bottom side which we didn't cover by net , tighten it with the screws on the bottom structure of the cage.

The cage is ready for bird,rabbit,cat etc

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