Introduction: Make Pocketmods (little Booklets) With MS Word

These little books are so useful!

I use them for revision notes for exams, but you can use them for anything really.

You can make them on the Pocketmod website:
But I made a Word template to customise it a bit more.

If you want, you could make these on the reverse side of used paper to recycle it - hooray for green-ness (just make sure it doesn't have anything important on it)

I've entered this in the Pocket-Sized contest so please vote!

(P.S. This is my first Instructable)

Step 1: Making the Template

This is the easy bit because I've already done it for you.

Simply replace 'Front Cover', 'Page 1' etc. with whatever you want to put in; pictures, text, calendars, or just blank spaces / lines for writing / drawing.

Step 2: Print and Fold!

Print out your completed template.

Cut and fold as according to instructions below.

If you're stuck, watch the video guide:

Step 3: And You're Done!

Now use for whatever you like!

I use this Duct Tape Cover to store / protect booklets: