Introduction: Make Racing Game Console From Your Smartphone

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What ?

Game controller which act like steering wheel for smartphone racing games

Why ?

T have better precision in games

To have better grip

What will be needed ?


Two sided tape

Step 1: Parts - Circle and 3 Rectangles

First take the big dish and draw a circle on the cardboard. Then cut along the lines to get steering wheel shape.

Now cut also 3 more rectangles which are 2-3cm wider than Your smartphone.

Step 2: Mounting All Toghether

Take two of the rectangles and glue the adhesive tape on each one. Then put one rectangle on another. When they will be glued together, glue them to the cardboard circle.

Step 3: Socket for Smartphone

Draw the shape of Your smartphone on the cardboard and cut it out.After that You should be able to put phone inside the hole and it will fit there pretty tightly.

Take the last cardboard rectangle and glue it to cover back of the phone..

Step 4: Finishing

In fact that's all. You have Your steering wheel ready.

To make it look more pretty use the paint and colour it whatever You like.

That's all. Enjoy Your new game controller.

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