Introduction: Make Raspberry Pi Device Become a Bluetooth Object Push Profile (OPP) Client

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This instructable is based on my experience learning Bluetooth, Object Push Profile (OPP) and Linux. I have lots of mp3 files that I ripped over the years lying in some hard disk. I will show you how to copy the files or any type of files wirelessly using bluetooth technology to your Android phone.

Target Readers

This instructable will mostly benefit Linux users, especially Debian and its derivatives like Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OS.

System Environment

Raspberry Pi with the following specification:

  • Model B Debian 7.6
  • Bluetooth Radio USB Adaptor
  • Mains-Powered USB Hub


This instructable will show the following:

  • Install a OPP client software
  • Test that the Raspberry Pi can "push" files to an Android Bluetooth Phone

Step 1: Turn the Raspberry Pi Into a Bluetooth Device

Complete the steps in the "Turn the Raspberry Pi into a Bluetooth Device" instructable if you have not done so.

Step 2: Install OPP Client in Raspberry Pi

Open your favourite terminal emulator, like LXTerminal.
Install the OPP Server:

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install ussp-push

Step 3: Test With an Android Phone

On the Android Phone:

Turn on and unlock your phone.

Turn on the Bluetooth.

On the Raspberry Pi:

Open Terminal Emulator program like LXTerminal:

Discover the Android Phone by running the following command. (You may need to run it several times until you see your Android Phone).:

hcitool -i hci0 scan

Scanning ...

00:1B:FB:19:A0:5B MyRaspberriPi

F8:E0:79:31:7F:C0 MyAndroidPhone

Discover the channel used by the OPP server of the Android Phone.

sdptool browse F8:E0:79:31:7F:C0

(My Android Phone use channel 12 for OBEX Object Push)

Move a picture file (DUN.jpg) from Raspberry Pi to Android Phone:

ussp-push --dev hci0 --debug F8:E0:79:31:7F:C0@12 DUN.jpg DUN.jpg

On the Android Phone:

Android Phone may prompt a message.

Tap OK to start the copying over bluetooth.

Check status message.

If status shows copying is complete, view the picture file in Android Phone.

You have completed this instructable.