Introduction: Make Rocket Dock Look EXACTLY Like Mac OS X's Dock


Im just going to show you a Very Detailed Guide to make you're Rocketdock look like a MAC OS X Dock ;)

Enlarge the image to see the End result


Check out my Mac OS X Cursors for Vista Here

Check out my Mac OS X Leopard visual style for vista Tutorial Here

Step 1: Step One

 First of all yeou need Rocketdock -

When you're on the site click the Download (Marked in the Image)

Step 2: Step Two

 Now Click the Download Button

It will say:

Download RocketDock!
in light Blue text

Click it

Save the File to you're Desktop.

The download is 6.2MB in size and Should note take up too much space

Step 3: Step Three

 Installation Time!

Double Click the .exe File (What you just Downloaded)

The icon is show in the Image

Double click it, Then click Run

Select the Language as English and finish the setup

Step 4: Step Four

 Now that its finnaly installed remove all the Shortcut's and other things on the dock by Dragging them onto the desktop, They will go poof and dissapear.

Now you need a MAC OS X skin for you're rocket dock

Download the Leopard Skin here -

Click Download

Save it to the desktop and Extract it

(To extract right click the file then click Extract)

Step 5: Step Five

 Now that you Have Rocketdock and The MAC theme for RocketDock

You need to install the Theme.

After you extract the File open the new folder that appears

In the folder there is another Folder called Mac OS X Leopard

You don't need to open that folder

Move or copy that folder to the rocketdock Skin's folder

The Skins folder is found by:

My computer > Local dick (C:) > Program Files > RocketDock > Skins
and just put the folder in that place

Now exit rocketdock and run it again

Right click the dock, then select
dock settings...

On the left side of the window that appears select Style

Click the Theme selector (Left of the get More button)
then select Mac OS X Leopard

Click ok

Step 6: Step Six

 What you think you're done?

Now you need some stuff to put in the Dock

Here i will suggest the stuff to put in it

What i use:

My Computer Shortcut - To get this just Click start then Right click Computer then Check Show on desktop then drag it to the Dock

Safari Shortcut -

Firefox Shortcut -

Adress Book (Contacts Shortcut) - To find the contcts folder in vista select the start bar and find Contacts, then right click and create a shortcut to the desktop.

Calander Docklet - - To install do exactly what you did with the Mac OS X skin but put the Folder in the Docklets Folder, Then right click the dock then add item...
Then add iCal

Dashboard (Yahoo Widgets) -

iTunes -

iPhoto (Photoscape) -

Notebook (Notepad) - It comes with windows :)

WindowsBlinds7 - - Completely changes the look of Vista

VistaLogon - - (Changes the Logon Screen for Vista)

HxD Editor - You don't need this..  Im not giving you the icon ither sorry

Laptop - Just a shortcut to one of my Folders (Yes i will give you the Icon)

PBP Unpacker - You dont need it (You do get the icon)

Master Volume Control - (It Comes with the Icon)

iChat (MSN) - You know where to download it..... (Icons Comes in the ICON Pack)

Just a Couple of Folders with the icon Changed to look like a Mac OS X folder

Mac Recycling bin

My Preferences (Control Panel) - Just a shortcut to the control pannel with a changes icon

Step 7: Step Seven

 Download the icons

Heres the info


in .png format

a MASSIVE 255 icons

Made for Vista (and XP)

Step 8: You're Done!

 Now just Put the icons into The dock ;)

Have fun using the new looking RocketDock

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