Introduction: Make Rubber Band Powered Coke Cap Toy Kids Project

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By using bottle caps you can make a two wheeler toy


two bottle caps

rubber band



tooth pics

small thread

Step 1: Making Holes on Bottle Caps

By using hammer and nail make holes on two bottle caps at center

Step 2: Paper Part

take piece of paper and by using pencil roll it and tape it u will get a circular straw shape lengths approximately 5 cm

Step 3: Candle Part

By using flamed blade cut a small piece of candle and soften the two sides, then by using a flamed nail pierce a hole at the center of candle piece as shown in picture

Step 4: Assembling All Parts

1.take the thread and pass rubber band in between the thread

2.By holding two ends of thread pass the rubber band into hole of bottle cap and place a piece of tooth pic to hold the rubber band at one end

3.pass the thread containing rubber band through the paper roll and then into second bottle cap.

4. take the candle and pass the thread into it and finally put a tooth pic at end thats it.

Step 5: Testing

rotate the tooth pic many times it serves as a key to the toy and don't rotate until the rubber band breaks

the leave it, it moves

kids have fun with it

thanks for viewing