Introduction: Make Stereo Graphic Images in Excel

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Stereo Graphic Images can add depth to 3D plots.

Step 1: An Example Table of Data

Make a table of values like so in excel. Colors are optional.

Step 2: Select and Graph

Select the whole table and make a 3-D surface.

Step 3: Adjust the View

Some viewing adjustments need to made the viewing angle.

Step 4: Make a Second Graph

Reselect the table again place another 3-D surface next to the orginal.

Step 5: This One Needs a Different Angle

This graph will have a slightly different view point.

Step 6: Finished Stereo Graphic Image

Use stereo graphic image viewing techniques to view the 3D image.
May need to scale images to the width between your eyes.

Step 7: Can Display DEM Data

Tables of dem data can display things like the matterhorn in 3D.

Step 8: Here Is the Matterhorn Data

Here is the raw dem data FYI.