Introduction: Make This Bangle From a Recycled Plastic Bottle

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We love making recycled jewellery and this bangle is really easy to make!

Please note: this craft involves the use of sharp scissors, and melting plastic. Therefore adult participation is essential.


  • Plastic soda bottle
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Art Knife
  • Blow pens
  • Clear acrylic sealer spray I
  • Iron

Step 1:

Mark out the width of your bangle (we chose 4.5 cm)

Step 2:

Cut along the line you have just measured.

Step 3:

  • Paint the bangle with Blo Pens
  • To seal the paint, I used Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray.

Step 4:

  • Set the iron on medium heat
  • Gently press the plastic ring on the iron, move the plastic in a circular motion until both ends form a rounded edge.

Step 5:

Now the bangle is ready to wear!

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