Introduction: Make This Carving Workbench.

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The inspiration for doing this carving workbench is based on a YouTube video by Tommy's Yard. Excellent tutorial.

I will make my version of it for carving and craft projects.

Step 1:

I'm a firm believer that safety is our number one priority in woodworking. Instead of reinventing a disclaimer, I'll use one by Steve Ramsey. Steve has a beautiful YouTube channel. Highly recommended for any involve with woodworking.

Disclaimer: These presentations are intended for entertainment and inspiration. Woodworking is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools. If you have any uncertainty before performing any working STOP and learn a safer method. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my presentations.

Summary : Be smart, use common sense, and respect power and hand tools.

Step 2: Plain Sheet of Paper.

Plain sheet of white or graph paper to commit yourself to a " I want to do this instructable. "

Step 3: The Mighty Pencil.

Without a written (or drawing) instrument you are not going anywhere.

The number one design tool ever created by man. Period.

Step 4: An Idea.

What's on your mind ?
Put it down on paper -
Memory is quite forgiving !

Step 5: The Sketch

Ok - I need a carving bench.
You don't need to be an artist to design. Scribble or a simple sketch will do fine.

Step 6: The Keys.

The car keys represent the trip you need to make to your local home center. The pocket knife is the size, height, width, and length of your wood cuts.

Plan and Cut Wisely.

Dimensions are not given for this instructable mainly because each workbench should be designed to the maker's height. Height is critical for each individual. I'm 6' - 2" and when I'm working on this table, I want to avoid back pains and discomfort when carving which is very time consuming or when designing a project like an instructable. Because of my height, high stool chairs are perfect. A person measuring 5' - 6" tall would have a difficult time working on anything on it.

For me this workbench measures 30 inches width, 6 feet long by 39 inches high.

It's easy to design your table to your height : stand up straight with arms relax. Your working height for your table should be where your belt line is. You can tweak here and there 'till it's perfect for you.

Step 7: Fit Like a Glove.

Working gloves comes in various designs and sizes.

Step 8: I Need Lights !

If your working during the evening hours, get the lighting suited for your needs.

Step 9: Music Anyone ?

If you prefer good background music for your enjoyment - the sky is the limit. Some folks don't like listening to music while working on projects. That's ok too !

Step 10: Imperial or Metric !

The trusty tape measure : make sure the metal end is not wobbly. For it could result in false measurements. There's other ways in taking measurements. Goggle it.

Step 11: We Are Squared !

The combination square : An adjustable tool used by carpenters and handy folks. Has various functions : One of them is to square cuts.

Step 12: Screw Around.

Wood screws comes in various sizes. There are many types of screws: Drywall, interior, exterior, deck screws, etc. Select the most appropriate for your project. Ask the associate at home centers for assistance.

Step 13: 3/8 "

What more could be said about the 3/8" drill. Wondering what ancient Egypt would have done with this baby in their workshops.

Make sure the one you have will handle the task at hand.

Step 14: Bits and Things.

Drill bits comes in various sizes . . .
They are designed for specific jobs like : wood - metal - masonry and plastics.

Step 15: Mr. Extender Don't Pretend.

Bit extenders are excellent for those hard to reach points and the " quick of the draw " from one to another.

Step 16: The Big Boy.

For this project I used large wood lag screws for the 4x4 leg studs. You can use machined bolts also.

Step 17: Rachet Rachet Rachet.

For the 4x4 leg studs a rachet is recommended for that tight fit between the 2x4s and the 4x4s.

A simple rachet kit won't wrestle you more than 20 bucks or so.

Step 18: Cross Cut .

To demonstrate how easy this workbench is to make, I prefer to cut the wood with a simple handsaw.

But if you choose otherwise . . .

Step 19: Power Hungry.

And you're power hungry - you may use one of this.

Make sure to be conscious of the sawdust and fine particles it will create in your environment.

Safety is always top priority in your home. Respect all power tools.

Step 20: Walk the Plank.

The choice of woods you most likely see at home centers comes in various flavors : pine - oak - poplar - treated lumber.

For this workbench I chose pine.

Beware of the ever present wood splints. They could really make your day.

Step 21: The Chassis.

Here's the complete workbench without the top.

Step 22: A Close Up.

A close up view of one of the corners. A community of 4x4s, 2x4s, stud dividers, wood lag screws, wood screws and pine boards.

Step 23: Katniss and Juno.

What is Daddy doing ?
He's taking up my napping area.
Wait 'till Mommy finds out !

Step 24: Accessories.

You could make your workbench simple or as fancy you want. I'm adding extra accessories all around the workbench like :

* power surge outlet
* 4 feet steel ruler
* table vise grip
* hooks for Dremels, flexshafts, drills, grinder
* tape measure holder.

Step 25: Functions.

Top of pine boards will provide footing for the plywood cover to secure and lock power and hand tools.

The top cover will also provide storage space for larger tools that can fit underneath the tabletop.

Bottom of pine boards will provide the footing for the floor of the above mentioned.

Step 26: Casters.

Always maintain a clean floor.

Carving chips and sawdusts are treacherous sisters in their persuasion of making you slip !

Wheel casters with lock mechanism.

Step 27: The Workbench.

The carving workbench completed.
Here you see the steel ruler and the electrical outlet box to hold two tape measures.

Step 28: Time to Play.

The space between the pine boards is a personal preference : is to provide the insertion of carving chisels and gouges so they'll be close at hand when I carve and won't roll off the table.

Remember: Sharing is universal.
The workbench will have multi functions like :

* Mosaic table to design large panels.

* A drafting table for large sheets of paper.

* All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy : This table can sit six people playing 3 board games .

* A buffet table for food and drinks.

Step 29: Options.

Options : You could :
* Paint
* Varnish or leave
* "As - Is "

As - Is will be my choice; for this workbench will go thru a lot of pounding and abuse with heavy mallets and chisels.

Step 30: The Clean Up.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Keep your sanity and your spouse happy. Hah !

Step 31: The Challenge.

To my fans of interpretive carvings.

*Note: Mother Hawk was
made on a plastic table.

What would you like to see come out of this piece of mahogany (caoba) that is 18 inches high by 30 inches long long and 9 inches in depth ?

Here are the three options :
Pick one option.

*A pod of orcas chasing sea lions.
* A peregrine falcon chasing a prey.
* Two flying dragons playing in mid air.

The picked option with the most comments below by December 31, 2015, will become the new instructable for 2016 ! Wow ! What a challenge ! I wish I could do all three !

Carving is a hobby that has provided me with endless hours of enjoyment. Creating a workbench or a table like this one for any hobby or activity I'm sure will have similar effects.

Step 32: The Summary.

Running time to make this carving workbench : 3 hours.

1 hour at the home center and 2 hours putting it all together.

Making this project by yourself is great - - - making it with your spouse or friends is P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.

Remember : Share your knowledge.

Not sharing and taking it to the grave won't do any good once you hit . . .

Look for the signs up ahead . . . Stop ! Watch out ! . . . it's . . .
The Twilight Zone.

Thank you instructable makers for your time and viewing.