Introduction: Make Trophies on Laser

Step 1: The Problem

I wanted trophies for my FLL team, but I didn't have the time or the money to buy them. But never fear, I am a member at Techshop where there is a laser. First step was to do the design in Corel Draw. Second step was to make the trophies on the laser. I had some mirrored acrylic that I etched the back off if and it looked sharp.

The acrylic came from

Step 2: Standoffs

Originally I was planning to make the base out of wood, but I realized that my first plan of using the miter saw wasn't going to work. I could use the saw stop but I realized I had precious little time to sand and stain the pieces. So I was back at the laser to design two small standoffs out of smoke acrylic. After three prototype pieces, I had a design and made 24 of them. Have I mentioned I love the laser?

Step 3: Assemble

I made the standoffs friction fit. I put them together, and watched the kids and their parents love the customized trophies that I made for under a dollar a piece over my lunch break. Once again, I made it at Techshop!!