Introduction: Make Washing Machine From Cardboard

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Hello! This is our mini washing machine

  • A useful, smart DIY washing machine
  • It's very easy to make and the material is also very easy to find
  • Do you know how it works?
  • if not know! See how to do it below
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  • Let's make it !

Step 1: Water Cans

Prepare 2 cans of water

You can customize your own water cans.

Not necessarily a can of coca-cola like in the video

If possible, try making with Pepsi cans

Step 2: CUT

Prepare sandpaper, rub the can of water and sandpaper to get the bottom

Next, cut off the excess

Step 3: Glasses

Get a thin transparent plastic sheet

Cut it into a circle to make a glass door for washing machine

Then glue it with 502 super glue

After this step, you have the door to open and close the washing machine

Step 4: Make the Front Part

Prepare a cardboard sheet with the size shown in the picture

And draw a circle roughly the size of the door

Step 5: Close / Open

Then create 2 holes on it to attach the door (Third photo)

Use a small steel bar.

And bend it like the picture (second image) and inside there is a water pipe to create the opening and closing mechanism

Once done, attach it to the door section of the washing machine you made earlier

Step 6: Detegent Tray

Make two holes on the cardboard.

Then create the detergent tray.

You can create it very simply.

You can see the illustration above.

You can also add any manufacturer name you like

Step 7: Mechanism of Action

Cut off the excess of Coca-Cola cans (Third photo)

Fully prepared the following: motor, 9v battery and 9v battery connection, a bottle cap, On/Off switch

Make a hole in the bottle cap and attach it to the motor

Next, place it at the bottom of the water cans

Step 8: Electric

Please look at the circuit diagram to follow

After connecting the circuit, put all in to create the body of the washing machine

Put the rear part into the front of the washing machine (fifth image)

Step 9: ​Prepare Cardboard

Prepare cardboard to complete your mini washing machine.

Step 10: Battery

Make a small hole on the side of the washing machine to install the battery

Step 11: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

I hope you like it.

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