Introduction: Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5

ill show you how to make windows look like mac

Step 1: What U Need

This is what you will need
-a web browser
-Finder Bar from
-Mac CD Burner from
-CD Burner up date
-Mac Clock here
-Mac Sound here
-something called Desktop4ever here
All of the above except windows and a ebb browser can be found here
there is also a spotlight program but it doesn't look good with this theme
-a dock like rocket dock
-if you use rocket dock here are somethings for it:
-leopard theme
-stalk docket
-a finder program
-Safari you can download here
-and i Tunes here
-Yahoo Widgets you can download at
and here are some icons

there are other dock programs like rklauncher or object dock

Step 2: FireFox

you can download Firefox here
they have a OS X theme some where I cant find this one again.

Step 3: Now

once you have downloaded and installed these you can use these

the first one:
-mouse pointers

the second one:
-something to make pngs reflective

Step 4: Larger Icons

to make the icons larger
-1right click go to properties
-4click the first desktop drop down arrow and change it from desk top to icon
-5change the number from what ever it is to 45 now click ok.

Step 5: Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5 Pt. 2

take a look at my second Instructiable.