Make With Ease, an Updated Version of Catapult From Angry Bird Movie!




Introduction: Make With Ease, an Updated Version of Catapult From Angry Bird Movie!

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I must say, life is much interesting when some interesting kinda innovating idea struck one's mind and what when we wonder the idea may become true. I met with one such idea while surfing to angry birds movie. I saw a catapult. I tried to update it and to make it more interesting. Some of you might have made it earlier and I bet you must have enjoyed with it. So lets make a catapult! But before commencing, we must know which simple machine does it depict. See the points below:-

Name: Catapult

Inspiration taken from: Angry Birds Movie

Simple machine it depicts: Lever

Structure of lever: A lever has 4 main objects included in its structure.

1) Beam: The rod rotating around a fix point(known as fulcrum) which comprises force applied by an object and load

2) Fulcrum: The fixed rotating or turning point also known as pivot

3) Force: The effort/pressure exerted by an object to move the beam and the stationary load

4) Load: The object which is moved or lifted

Here the above catapult:-

1) Beam: Candy Stick or Pop-sickle Stick

2) Fulcrum: Present on one end where rubber band is tied

3) Force: The shaded black part where we exert force to move the ball

4) Load: The ball which is present on the catapult

I hope this simple notion is nearly noted in your complex brains. Now lets begin!


Lets gather the components.

Supplies/Components required:-

  • Pop-sickle sticks or candy sticks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Paper
  • Bottle cap
  • Glue gun
  • Paint(Optional)

Step 1: Journey From the Cradle!

Step 1: Take some pop - sickle sticks (Also known as candy sticks) and rubber bands.

Step 2 & 3: Stack up 5 sticks and tie rubber bands on either side.

Step 4: Again take two sticks.

Step 5: Stack them on each other and tie rubber band on one of the side.

You can increase the number of sticks in Step 5 to make the catapult much firm. But if you do, you will have to tie more bands one its side.

To make it easier, let us name the object that we created in step 3 as Mark and object created in step 5 as May.

Step 2: Assembling the Structure

What you made in the previous step, will be joined together to form the final structure.

Mark will be assembled in may such that mark will be between the legs of may. Tie both mark and may with rubber bands. Tie it so firm that it should not come out or break the bands. Later leave 1 cm space from one end of may. This is the space where the force will be applied.

Step 3: Attach the Cap and Make Balls

Attach a old bottle cap after the black symbol which you made or left measuring 1 cm. For more clarity, refer the image. Use any glue or super glue to attach it. Here I have used glue gun to attach the cap. Take any discarded paper or the sheet of paper which is not necessary to make balls of catapult. (Please note and remember to take any discarded sheet because we have to save paper!)

Step 4: Lets Test It!


Keep the load in the bottle cap. Apply force accordingly on the shaded region and release it. ]

Once you have completed making the catapult, you can test whether it works or not. I have placed some paper cups 3 meter away from the catapult and when I tried, It really worked out in the 4th trial. You can play with it in parties, with friends, families and relatives. Simple and easy to use and built.

If you have any questions and doubts do let me know by comments. Alright, for now I'll bade you and lets meet in the next instructable.



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Great! #brunson9951c I think it was much exciting making it!