Introduction: Make Wrapping Paper Out of Recycled Map or Chart

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I don't know about other locations, but here in the Keys there is a "news paper" of sorts called 'Teal's Guides'. These are navigation charts of the waters around the Keys... and a plus; they are free and available at almost all bait and tackle shops through the islands.

Of course, you can use out dated maps or an old atlas. I used the charts because there are so many, at the right price and because I like the nautical vibe :)

I thought it would make really cool wrapping paper! The first time I used them as wrapping was at Christmas. The difference is that I used holiday colors to bubble paint the charts. They turned out very nicely and I got tons of compliments!

For this instructable I did Birthday paper, and I improvised by 'embellishing' the package since I did not have ribbon.

Step 1: Collect Materials

For Wrapping Paper:
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brushes

For Ribbon Alternative:
-Wire Wrapped Shell
-Glass Beads
-Thin Hemp Strands

To Make Tags:
-Mod Podge (I used the sparkle version)
-Card Stock
-Chip Board
-Stencil for Tags
-Small Hole Punch
-Thin Hemp Strands
-Craft Glue

Step 2: Paint & Decorate Paper

Lay the chart out on a covered surface and begin to paint whatever decoration you would like.
Since these are for a birthday gift, I used "Happy Birthday".
Keep in mind that you shouldn't lay it on to thick.

Other options are to use stamps or glue and glitter.

Once you have finished, lay the maps aside to let the paint completely dry.

Step 3: Making the Gift Tags

On a blank chart, Trace the chip board over a section you would like to have on the tags.
I chose Key West and Boca Chica :)

Cut out, and mod podge to the chip board.

Use the tag stencil and cut out the tags from the chip board.
Use the card stock to either put behind or in front of the chip board tags.

(Not pictured)
Use mod podge to fix the card stock to the chip board tag.
Punch hole in top of tag.
Use a short bit of twine to make a bow or just  tie to tag.
Then use glue to decorate with embellishments.

Last photo is the finished tag.

Step 4: Wrap and Decorate

Now Just wrap the box with the map (be sure the paint is completely dry)

Use the Hemp to wrap around the box. I put knots in the strands on the front to keep the beads in place.

Fix the tag to the package with either a dab of glue or tape.

And then Ta Da!