Introduction: Make Your Facebook News Feed Better

Ever wonder why you missed an update in your Facebook News Feed?

You may not receive all posts from everyone you follow because Facebook uses an algorithm to serve up content it thinks you want to see. This limits non-paid commercial content.

"The News Feed algorithm uses several factors to determine top stories, including the number of comments, who posted the story, and what type of post it is..." --Facebook

Here are 3 tips to take control of your News Feed and see what YOU want to see -- not what Facebook *thinks* you want to see.

Step 1: USE SORT

At the top of your News Feed there's a drop down menu called SORT.

You can either sort by 'Most Recent' or 'Top Stories.' Select 'Most Recent.'

*Keep an eye on this setting. It has a sneaky way of going back to the default setting automatically.


Go to a Facebook Page you have Liked and hover over the Liked button.


[Note: This may not work with some Facebook apps. In this case you will have to go to your browser.]

You will now receive all notifications. Depending on your settings, they will appear in red over the globe icon at the top of your Facebook navigation bar.

This is a good time to review your personal Notification Settings for Facebook.

-- Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your Facebook navigation to access SETTINGS.

-- Click on --> NOTIFICATIONS.

This is where you can select notification methods: via Facebook, Email or on a mobile device.

You can also choose WHAT to be notified about here.


If you want to keep an eye on a number of Facebook Pages, you can group Pages together in an Interest List. This list is accessible at the bottom of the Facebook menu on the right side of the screen.

Go to the Facebook Menu on the bottom right side and click on ADD INTERESTS...

You will now have the option to: +Create List.

When you create a new list you can easily browse through your current Liked Pages or Friends to add them to this list. When you are finished adding what you want to see, name your new list and select the privacy level: Public, Friends or Only Me.

Now when you go to your Facebook Menu and select any of your named lists under Interests it will provide you a custom stream with only updates from the Pages you have selected.


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This information is current for February 2014.

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