Introduction: Make Your Hoodie IPod Capable

Wire your hoodie so you can listen to an mp3 player, cd, etc. without the teacher knowing.

A Couple Notes:
*DISCLAIMER*:Look, be carefull when doing this and all projects. I'm sorry if you or anyone else gets hurt, but because I'm telling you to exercise EXTREME CAUTION, I cannot be held responsible.

Also, this is not my original idea. I got it from a couple friends from school. We've made a couple mods to it since the original, but this is the basic most inexpensive design, so have at it.

Oh, and this is my first instructable so PLEASE DO COMMENT, let me know how I can do better, etc., but please don't tell me how bad the camera is, cause I know that.

And with that, have fun and good luck with this project.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need to get these:

1. A hoodie
2. scissors
3. pair of headphone
4. music device (I used my XM radio)
And if you're one of those "OMG THERE'S WIRES ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!" type people, you may want to use
5. tape (I skipped this, though I recommend duct)

Step 2: Cut the Holes

First you're gonna want to turn your hoddie inside-out.

Locate the spot where the front pocket is. Take your scissors and CAREFULLY cut a hole. (kids get help from an adult with this part)

Now go up to the hood part and CAREFULLY cut TWO holes.

Step 3: Wire Her Up

Wire up your headphones according to the diagram and/or picture below, optionally adding tape wherever you see fit.

Step 4: Last But Not Least...

Plug in your tunes, stash it in your pocket, and actually pay attention during math class (to your ipod, that is)!