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Introduction: Make Your Laputa Robot

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How to Create a Laputa Robot for your garden?

There 17 joint/servo in the robot.

Arduino Source is FREE download.

You Can Control with Scratch & Blockly.

Full Motion Editor in ios/android store. You can custom motion for your own robot!

Step 1: Get a RoboHero

You Can Buy RoboHero from anywhere (amazon, Hobbico)

there a Build Your Own version or Full version.

you can choose one.

Build Your Own version need 2-4 hours to finish~~

We don't need Head and Chest Part.

3D Print these part from thingiverse:

After you finished the RoboHero, use a acrylic paint on it.

Step 2: Install Led

Move the chest led to the head.

the orignal led is blue.

the new led is red and has two led.

use a drill and put led & wires from chest.

And, download the arduino source from RoboHero Github.

add a simple flash function, insert to the program where robot move the servo, the robot will flash the led when it moving.

void toggle_led( int at) {

if ( (at % 10) != 0 ) { } rnd_led = random(0, 3) ; toggle_ret = (at / 10) ; if ( toggle_ret < 8 ) {

if ( rnd_led == 1 ) { digitalWrite(LedPin, HIGH); } else if ( rnd_led == 2 ) { digitalWrite(LedPin, LOW); } else { // do not change the led XD } } else { digitalWrite(LedPin, LOW); } }

Step 3: Create Motion for Your Robot

You can create custom motion for your Laputa Robot.

or try my motion in the video first.

You need install RoboHero App and click these links in your phone.

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4 years ago

Well, if you're as young as you're acting I've still spoken Spanish longer than you, there was no space in the single word (which was a proper noun), and it was an inappropriate comment for this site.


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Lol. What a petty thing to white-knight about.


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sorry i don't know, it is movie director by Hayao Miyazaki, i don't know 'laputa' is a bad word or not, sorry.


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Ah, it's a movie! Cool. The word does not mean anything in Spanish. This user is apparently a young person who thought it sounded like a bad word.


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When I search the word "Laputa" on Google it says "Laputa is a flying island described in the 1726 book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift.". Is this a brand name or why is it called "Laputa"?