Introduction: Make Your Own Arc Reactor

DIY Arc reactor: I made this for Comic Con Columbus, OH. It was my frist time to go there with a costume and it didn't look that bad.

Step 1: Materials

Stuff Needed:

Plastic Dish Drain

Hot Glue Gun

Three Push Lights

A Switch ( mine was from an old night light)

Small Wires

Transparent Blue Plastic File Folder (not pictured)

Transparent White Plastic File Folder (not pictured)

A White under shirt (not pictured)

Black Electric Tape (not pictured)

Step 2: Template

The arc template was an image from the internet. I traced the iner and outer shapes using Illustrator. I have access to a vinyl cutter at my work and plotted my template out. In my free tme of course. I made three just in case.

Step 3: Lights & Switch

Take apart the three push lights. The lights come out on a triangle circuit board. Cut each of the wires and make a series connection for the three clusters of lights and add hot giue to bind all the lights. Gle it to the plastic dish drain and put the wire through one of th holes of the drain.

Get the night light and take it apart and connect the wire to the switch. Connect a 9v battery to the night light, in place of the prons/outlet and you have a.n instant switch.

Step 4: Light It Up!

Test the connections and see if it all works.

Put electric tape around the dish drain to focus the light inside and not through the little holes in the drain.

he Cut out the appropriate circle from the clear white and clear blue folders.

Stck the Arc Reactor template to the white circle first then stick the blue one.

Place it on the dish drain and there! you have a diy Arc Reactor.

Take the shirt and center your Arc Reactor on the out side of the sirt.

Sew the reactor on the shirt, Wear another white shirt (and an Iron Man) to complete the look.

Step 5:

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