Introduction: Make Your Own: Black Hole Fabricator!!

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This will tell you how to make a real, down to earth black hole. I swear this is a real instructable! Now, if you have the money, I invite you to build this project. Guaranteed that the FBI doesn't blow your house up first. So, I will also tell you that, because I haven't the money, I have not exactly done this. I CAN tell you that it will work theoretically. Multiple physicists and mathematicians have checked this, and it works. Please read all the directions before creating.

Now, I guarantee that this black hole is DANGEROUS!!!!! So please, make at your own discretion.

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Now, for the fun part.

Step 1: Buy a 10000 Terahertz Laser

You can find such lasers at price ranges from $10000 to $10000000. Please, I don't guarantee that all 10000 terahertz lasers will be enough, but THAT, is where you come in. Find the correct laser. Please find a good intensity as well. (More intensity, the better.) You can use lenses to increase intensity. I would prefer you to RENT a laser, because it is cheaper. If you want to, you can buy one. Or make one, if you can be sure they won't implode while you do this work.
Also, buy a beam splitter so you can split the laser to go all around the bead in the reaction chamber. That is why it is so powerful. Consistent energy from all sides.

Step 2: Make a Reaction Bead

This is the most complicated part of this whole instructable. You will need:


One isotope each, you will need to place these in a special vacuum sealed, thin layered glass bead. 

Make sure it is COMPLETELY airtight!! If it is not, your experiment will go POOF!
Also, if your isotopes are not completely alone, I ditto the sentence above /\ /\  and you will be a sad kitty. 

Step 3: Make the Reaction Chamber

The reaction chamber! Well, this is another complicated step, but if correctly done could mean TONS of time saved. You really don't need to make one, but If that nuclear company will not let you have one, I suggest you make one.

Finding a Chamber

You will need an new, sealed nuclear power plant chamber. (Used in the process of nuclear energy conversion.) To get one of these, you must go up to the owner/company and put on your biggest puppy eye face, and ask him/her if he would like to help with the discovery of something "big". If you are lucky, he/she will say yes. Or, as an alternate option, you can buy one. You will need this for the next step.

Making the Chamber

Go buy (Not find!!!) Lots and lots of concrete. And by lots, I mean about enough to cover your house with it in ten feet thick. All chambers are different sizes, and based on your budget and location you may also have to change this. You will also have to line the inside of the chamber with a pure compressed carbon or also known as RCC (Reinforced carbon-carbon) to withstand the beginning temperatures up to 3000 degrees F. You will now have to inlay the chamber with special material I call "diomonia". It is a mix of pure diamond and ceramic. Well, not PURE PURE diamond, but you get the idea. This should withstand short-term temperatures that are very hot. Since diamonds are made in high temperatures, they can withstand and help structural stability for short times.  Make sure it has a layer about a few inches thick all around. When you are done, the inside should be a gray-ish white-ish color. Unlike the picture below, which is a nuclear chamber, not a black hole chamber. Unfortunately, You will probably have to replace the inner coatings on each black hole fabrication, but I don't encourage that, because I really don't want everybody making black holes all over the place. 


Step 4: Dropping the Bead Mechanism and Readying the Laser

Place your laser in one spot facing the exact center of the chamber. Now, take a tube and attach it to the ceiling of the chamber. Don't worry about "fireproofing" this or any thing, because this is just to drop the bead in the path of the laser so the bead explodes. Hook up your laser to the correct amount of wattage and a control switch up to the dropping tube, then hook the tube to the computer. (Step 6) This will also be especially difficult because the chamber must remain airtight. 

Step 5: Create a Carbon Launcher

Basically you have to make a tube that fires a bunch of carbon at the center of the reaction chamber. Do this by buying a tube, (metal, preferably!) and line it with our special "diamonia" mixture. Attach a small laser in a tank on the back, and hook it up to the reaction chamber. Have a nice switch ready so your computer will be able to fire it at the right time. Fill your carbon launcher with, take a guess, pure carbon, and seal it. The carbon will have to be brimming with photons for the laser to clunk it forward.

Step 6: Hook Up the (Super)Computer

When the laser hits the bead, it will create a temporary star.
Take a very fast computation computer (You could grab one from a server room...or from IMB or someone else like that) and program it so it will fire the carbon launcher just as the star starts to die. The connections between the launcher and the computer should be nice and tidy, so there should be no "frayed or fragmented" pieces. Make sure to double check your programming, or else this will create a large pile of useless hydrogen-carbon bonds, instead of a black hole.

Step 7: Fire the Laser

Carefully fire the laser at the reaction bead. When done properly, it should explode, creating a temporary star. The computer should then fire the carbon launcher, taking all the hydrogen away from the star. This will overload the star, and tear a sizable hole in the matter of space-time, creating your very own black hole.

Step 8: Destroying the Black Hole

You will now have to repeat the WHOLE black hole making process up to step 8. The trickiest part will be hanging the reaction bead, so I recommend you just sorta throw it in, and the laser, still aimed at the center, should hit the bead as it gets sucked in. The star should overload the black hole and destroy it with the star. Remember, time slows down the closer you are to the black hole. The black hole itself shouldn't be very big anyway, so it should be easier to destroy. And because it isn't very large, it will be harder to create a stable singularity therefore you may have to try this several times. 

Good luck with your journey, and please, don't destroy the earth!

Thanks for reading, happy building!