Introduction: Customizable Bookmark

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Hey guys, in this instructable I will show you how to make your own customizable bookmark, you can either make your own or use the template I provide, you can change the shape to give it a cool look, and in the video I show you how to make one on your own and how to upload the images to the template, If you don't have microsoft word but would still like a customized bookmark, I would be happy to make one for you for free, email me at and provide the pictures you would like to make into a bookmark and I will send you the bookmark in a pdf for you to print and cut out, here are the things you will need:

Cardstock paper (you can use regular paper but cardstock is stiffer)

Scissors or a straight cutter or an exacto knife

mod podge if you're going to make a two sided bookmark

a hole punch

a length of ribbon or small decorative rope

and one sided self adhesive laminating sheets or regular laminating pouches if you have a laminating machine

Step 1: Gluing and Cutting

once you print out your bookmarks, cut down the middle and use the mod podge to glue the two pieces together then wait about an hour for it to dry, once it's dry, place the laminating sheet both sides to protect it and to give it a glossy look then use whatever cutting instrument you have to cut out the bookmark and get the hole punch and punch out a hole at the top of the bookmark and attach a ribbon or small decorative piece of thread, then your done