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Introduction: Make Your Own CD Wall Clock

Hey Guys this is my first instructable build, but if u have any questions comment below n ill try to answer as best i can 

Step 1: Items Needed:

1 Craft Clock Mechanism or Old wall clock (i took mine from my mom)
17 Old CDs (i used some that was scratched) Used in layers of 5, then 4, then 8
Craft sticks (not shown)

Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks 

Step 2: Assemble Layer 1

Place a CD that will act as the middle of your clock around four other CDs. Add some popsicle sticks to hold the CDsin place

Step 3: Assemble Layer 2

Glue a CD on each of the corners between two sticks 

Step 4: Assemble Layer 3

now glue two CDs (2 per side) on each of the four corners like so

Step 5: Attach the Clock Mechanism to Layer 3

Assemble your clock mechanism into your clock. While all clock kits go together essentially the same way, see your packaging for specific instructions.

Step 6: Finished

Congratulations! You now have a working CD clock that you can show off or that can add a special touch to your room 

Thanks for checking out this instrucatable!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I made this and it worked beautifully!!! I got tons of complements on it and best of all it only took me a hour! I would recommend this to anybody who wants a simple way to jazz up there room on a budget! The only two things I would change would be that you need to have some way to mark the numbers into this and also that you need to make it more simple to understand how to take apart and reassemble the clock... I ended up having to figure it out my self but it was definitely worth the extra work :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks alot for the comment, i appreciate it. For the numbers i didnt put them on just to save time but you can take the numbers from an old clock or go to a crafts shop and they sell them there aswell. As far as the clock reassembly i didnt know too muck about it either this is actually my big first project so i kinda struggled with it as well