Introduction: Make Your Own Cardboard Record Mailer

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In this tutorial I be explaining how to make your own cardboard record mailer and also how to properly ship the record as well.

First you will need, A ruler a medium size one. (optional) double sided sticky pads, an x-acto knife, a pencil, black marker (perm or non-perm), Scissors (preferably ones that jagged edges to cut cardboard more easily), Tape (three kinds I use but u could get just use two) Painting or masking tape. thick tape i used fragile tape was cheap only a dollar and clear packing tape will do as well, (optional) ‘Fragile handle with care’ stickers that can be purchased off eBay, a record to mail, a box and another cardboard sleeve or a template. U can actually order a steel sheet template which is also easier to trace as well.

Step 1: Trace

Use masking or painting tape to fasten your record mailer/template and cut the rest of u don't need. Simply use a marker to trace the outline also to make your job easier if there is a fold on the box u grabbed try to match with your template fold for example the sides.

Note: I will include a paper template soon so you can print it out if u don't already have an extra record mailer.

Step 2: Cross Your T's and Dot Your I's

In picture one just use a pencil and your ruler to match the
first folds. Then use your ruler again measure out 1.5 mm for the right and left sides. Use 3 or 4 dots then draw a line. Thirdly measure out 1 mm so u will have 3 lines all together. Do the same for the top and bottoms.

Step 3: Use Scoring Cuts

Use jagged half cuts (Scoring) on the lines you just made, on all 12 of them these will be your folding lines.

Step 4: Fold Your Cuts

Now simply use your ruler as a backing and gently fold the cuts don't be afraid to go back and forth a bit, depending how thick your original cardboard you be using.

Step 5: Step 5: Optional Step (double Sided Supporters)

I like using this instead of putting more cardboard cause it will give it more room and they are cheap but I only peal one side and leave the other side sticky part still on. I only use about two if u think this step is a waste of time, skip it.

Step 6: Properly Lay the Record to Ship

The first picture is a example how not to place your record in your mailer. You will need 3mil outer poly sleeve. Now first step is to remove the record or records and place then in front of the sleeve and the outer plastic sleeve over top exactly like picture 2. Finally use masking or painting tape to fasten the record to the mailer so it doesn't move around. Masking or painting tape works great cause it is easy to take off and will not damage anything.

Step 7: Optional (Sandwich)

Some people swear by this some people don't. I personally don't like doing this cause sometimes it will cost me more just to ship the record or records just cause a piece of cardboard. If you use enough tape and fasten the record with masking tape you do not necessary need to do this step. I added it anyway.

Step 8: Tape the S&*% Out of It

Tape, tape, tape, and tape. I get my tape from the dollar store so it doesn't really cost me that much per record I mail maybe like 4 cents tops. Just remember its ok to go overboard with tape I never had a complaint stating I used too much.

Step 9: Step 9: Your Done

Attach your mailing stamps, stickers or use a black felt marker. Never use a pen and directly write on your mailer it may go threw. Final last step (optional) put a fragile handle with care sticker, really doesn't cost that much if you buy in bulk.