Introduction: Make Your Own Fake Game Emulator Ad

This is in no way a real ad but just an animated gif that looks like an ad.

The reason I have made this is because it's for a film project  in my animation class. Our group wanted an emulator ad for our film so I volunteered myself to make it.

Sorry if it's very cheap looking.

Step 1: Finding an Ad

It's easy enough to find an ad by searching up Youtube ads through Google images. Once there, search through the different ads and find whatever one you think is good. Click on it so the image is larger then press the "Print Screen" button. Go to a simple program, like Ms Paint and paste the screen there.

I'm not using a complex program like Photoshop because not everyone has Photoshop since it's an expensive program. Not only that but it's a good program when dealing with small pixelated things which is what this ad is.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Ad

Now you'll need to cut out the ad that you want from the stuff that is around it. Press the select tool and highlight around the ad. Press cut and then paste it into another Ms Paint. You can just exit out of the previous Ms Paint, you won't be needing it anymore. All that is important is the one with the ad. 

Step 3: Erasing What You Don't Need

Now erase everything that was left around the ad, but make sure you don't erase the border. Once you removed everything around the ad, erase everything inside the ad besides the border, you'll need the border to determine the size of your ad. Don't erase the "Download" button unless you want to draw it from scratch.

Step 4: The Border

After the necessary things are erased, it's time to change the border's colour. Press the "Line" tool, change the size to match the width of the border and pick the colour. You can use any colour you want but for example purposes, grey would be used for this. The top and the left side of the border would be lighter than the bottom and right side. This gives it that actual ad look. For fun purposes, misspell the word "Download" by switching the 'a' and 'o' around so it says "Downlaod." It's your choice if you want to do this.

Step 5: Adding Text

Now that the border is done and that you messed around with the "Download" button, some text need to be added to this ad. First, press the capital 'A' that stands for the text tool and put a box in the area where you want your text to be. Change the font to something readable like 'Arial' or 'Times New Roman' and make sure the colour of the text would be black. Don't forget the size of text that you want to have it at.

Step 6: Boxing Text and Colour

Time to spice things up a bit. Press the 'Box' tool, change the width of the box and pick the colour. Put the box around each of the text that you put and try to use a variety of different colours. You can also change the colour of the background to any colour you want by using the 'Bucket' tool. Pink would be used for this example. Now move the entire ad so it fills the top left corner and bring the bottom left up to the ad so there is no white space around the ad. Doing this will make the finish product look better.

Step 7: Alternate the Colours and Frames

Just as the title implies, its time to alternate the colours of the boxes that you had put. When you alternate the colours, save each one as a different frame so when we get to the Gif part, it'll cycle through the different colours and look like an ad.

Step 8: Time to Make the Animated Gif

It's easy enough to go to a Gif making website to make the ad. is the website that'll be used for this. Once there, press the big green button that says 'add pictures'.

Step 9: Picking the Frames

After pressing the big green button that says 'add pictures', a window will open. Search for where you saved the frames. Highlight all of them and press open. Wait for them to load onto the site.

Step 10: Ordering Frames and Speed

Once they had finished loading, make sure that the frames are in the order that you want them to be in. Once you have done that, press the big green button at the bottom that says 'continue'. After that, you can change the animation speed. Change it to how fast you want it to cycle through the colours.

Step 11: Create, Wait, and Finish

After picking that speed, press the big green button that says 'create your gif'. Wait for the ad to load and once it does, you're done. There is a small 'download' button underneath your animated gif to put onto your computer but depending on the computer will depend if it'll work or not. If you press the picture of your gif, it'll enlarge it.

So there you have it, your own animated gif of an ad.

Hope you enjoyed this cheap way of making one.

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