Introduction: Make Your Own Ikea SKADIS Hooks

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I bought some Ikea SKADIS boards for the tools in the IMDIB makerspace. The boards look nice and are not so expensive. I also added some SKADIS hooks. At the check-out I was shocked by the price of the hooks. Thinking about how to lasercut or 3D-print these hooks myself, I came up with a much easier way to make them from scrap pieces of installation wire.

The original Ikea hooks seem stronger, but my copper wire hooks are more than strong enough.

Step 1: You Will Need


  • Electrical domestic installation wire (2,5 mm2 solid core copper)
  • Nails
  • Thick piece of plank
  • 1 M6 bolt


  • Drill press
  • Drill in the size of the nails and bolt.


  • SKADIS board
  • SKADIS hook (example)

Step 2: Draw the Hook

  • Put the SKADIS hook on the piece of wood.
  • Trace the hook with an Ikea pencil. (or an other pencil)

Step 3: Drill the Holes

  • Drill the holes in the size of the nails in strategic places to bend the wire over.
  • Drill a 6 mm hole to put the bolt in to bend the top curve over.
  • Push the nails and the bolt in the holes.

Step 4: Bend the Hook

For a small SKADIS hook:

  • Cut off 14 cm of wire.
  • Put the wire in between the two nails at the begin of the top hook.
  • Bend over the bolt.
  • Through the nails for the second hook.
  • Around the nail and back through the nails again.
  • Down around the nails to make the bottom hook.

I used a dowel (or the back of a pencil) to push the wire where I want it to go.

Step 5: Remove the Hook

  • Take (some) nails out of the board.
  • Remove the hook from the board.
  • Cut the beginning (and end) of the wire to length.
  • Push it flat on a table.

Step 6: Fit and Place

  • Fit the hook in the SKADIS board.
  • Adjust if necessary.
  • Put in the board and hang your stuff on it.

Step 7: More Hooks

Now it is time to design your own hooks, for different tools or just types of hooks that Ikea doesn't sell.