Introduction: Make Your Own Ipod Nano Dock With Out-Of-The-Box Objects.

Well, you just got your new ipod nano. The only think you need is a dock. Unfortunately, you're kinda short on cash. Just make it yourself!...If You Decide to make this, please show me how it came out.

Step 1: Gather Materials

If Youve Got A Dremel, Use it.

I Did It The Old, Fashioned Way. Haha.

Step 2: The Case.

Take Apart the casing. Cut off the side flaps and make a notch in the side. the notch needs to be big enough to fit the USB cable and the audio cable. (headphones, Speaker In...etc)

Step 3: Dock Insert.

Drill A Hole Into the Dock insert for headphones.

Step 4: Cover.

In the Inside cover of the dock, cut a rectangle the size of the dock insert. Decorate the Underside of the Cover, if necessary.(Used Hockey Tape)...

Hot Glue The Dock Insert Onto the cover.

Step 5: USB Cable.

We Need To Hold the clips of the USB cable down. Use Twist Ties And Hot Glue... Hot Glue It In There Also...the dock insert may need extra the usb cable may not fit.

Step 6: Put It All Together.

Put it all together and look at it. The USB cable Can Be Rolled Up Inside for storage.