Introduction: Make Your Own Kite in Less Than 20 Minutes!

Do you want to buy a kite but don't have the time nor money? This is a fun, easy and cheap way to create your own kite in less than 20 minutes!

Step 1: What You Will Need


-Sticks (3-4) that are 37-40 inches long
-Cloth (can be an old t-shirt)
-Tape measure

Note: the sticks and yarn can be found at Michaels
Hazard: scissors and sticks are sharp. Not meant for children

Step 2: Cut the Newspaper

What you will need:


Make a square:

-Place the newspaper flat on the table (horizontally) and bring the top right corner to the opposite side (bottom left) making a right      triangle
-Press on the edge of folded area to form a crease
-Use the edge as a guide to cut off the non-folded part (rectangle piece to the left of triangle)

Step 3: Cut the First Stick

For your first stick:

-Place the stick along the crease of the paper (diagonally)
-Cut off the part of the stick hanging off the edge of the paper

Note: You should not have any left over stick hanging off the paper

Step 4: Cut the Second Stick

Cut and place the second stick:

-Cut the second stick in the middle to create two equal shorter sticks
-Place one of the short sticks across the longer stick forming a cross

Note: the edges of the short stick should also be touching the edges of the paper

Step 5: Securing the Sticks Together

Tie a knot around the sticks:

(1)Loop on side of the short stick with the yarn
      cross over the middle
(2)Loop around again
     repeat 3 times
(3)tie a knot with the yarn

Note: make sure to keep the sticks in a cross like figure and that the string is pulled tight enough around the sticks so the cross is maintained

Step 6: Create the Frame of the Kite

Create a diamond :

-Cut third stick to fit space between each point of the cross
-repeat until all sides are fitted, creating a diamond shape

Step 7: Tape the Diamond to the Paper

Tape the diamond:

-Place the cross back on the paper where the longest stick is still aligned with the crease
-Tape each point of the cross
-Then place the sticks you just cut into the diamond shape
-Then tape all 4 corners while maintaining the diamond shape

Step 8: Tape the Rest of the Kite

Fit the paper around the frame:

-Carefully fold the edges of the paper over the sticks and tape it down
-Do this for all four sides of the diamond

Note: Make sure to pull paper tightly so the kite is sturdy and secure

Step 9: Make the Tail

To make the tail:

-Cut a strip about an inch to two inches wide of cloth

Note: length can be as long as you want it to be, usually about 13-16 inches

Step 10: Place the Tail on Your Kite

Connect the tail:

-place one side of the tail at the bottom point of your diamond about an inch up from the point
-tape the cloth to the kite

Note: bottom point is the most narrow corner of the kite

Step 11: Connect the Rope

To fly your kite:

-use your yarn to tie a knot in the center of the cross

Note: Do not cut the yarn from the spool because this is what you will use to fly your kite

Step 12: Take It Outside and Enjoy!