Make Your Own Laser Cut Standoffs for Electronic Projects

Introduction: Make Your Own Laser Cut Standoffs for Electronic Projects

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Ever need some standoffs in a hurry?  Or, maybe you need a lot of standoffs and don't want to play a bunch for those expensive nylon standoffs from the mail-oder suppliers.

This is a really simple instructable just spark your imagination as to what is possible.  Yes, you can make your own little plastic standoff quickly and cheaply on a laser cutter.

The standoff in the pictures below where made on a huge 150 Watt laser cutter at my local hacker shop in Ferndale, MI.  Fore sure, a smaller laser cutter could be used as long as it can cut the material.  Oh, and I guess you can use any material as long as it's safe to cut in the laser cutter.

All the standoffs below were made using two simple circles centered on each other.  The outer circle was 9mm and the inner was 3.5mm.  This makes a standoff that works with M3, 4-40, and 6-32 screws.

Look for the comments in the pictures below for more detail.  And always, visit my web site for even more details at

Hope this simple little idea helps,

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    Tip 4 years ago

    Another quick way for any size you want.
    Clear sprinkler tubing cut to any length with a fast jig and a razor blade.
    It comes in many sizes so no problem fitting it.

    Cut just barely longer than intended height, about 1/2 the diameter longer. It will compress so don't worry.

    You only need to tighten slightly snug, the compression will keep the nut tight and the tubing is ridiculously cheap.

    also don't require a $$$$$$$ laser cutter to do it.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction


    Sometimes the simplest little things can be so handy.