Introduction: Make-Your-Own-Phrase Custom Cupcakes

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These cupcakes are made for a colleague's birthday.The cupcakes are decorated to translate her fun personality. She loves Twilight and the colour red, so the cupcakes are in chocolate and with red frosting. Each cupcake has a different phrase that describes the birthday girl, Megan. At the party, everyone is encouraged to have fun with these cupcakes and snap a photo mix and matching the phrases for the birthday girl.

Step 1: Prepare Your Fondants

Chocolate cupcakes
Red vanilla frosting
Marshmallow fondants
Colouring gel
Alphabet stamps
Circle cutter

For Decorations:
1. I used my fondants out of tiny marshmallows, as described here or you can also use store bought fondants
2. Roll your fondants into 1/8" thick and cut individual circles out with a circle cutter
3. Let them dry.

Step 2: Stamp Your Fondants

4. With your paintbrush lightly brush the alphabet stamps with red colouring gel
5. Arrange your alphabets and stamp your white fondants

Step 3: Make Your Fondant Faces

6. Then I use a toothpick and apply colouring gel to make batches of beige, brown, pink and black fondants
7. WIth a small circle cutter or a clean lid from a salt/pepper container, cut out circles from the beige fondant. This will be the faces.
8. For the hair, I cut out a long strip of metal sheet approximately 1 inch wide and shape the hair or you can also use a clean  exact-o-knife and cut out the shape freehand
9. Cut out hair pieces from brown fondant
10. Cut out small circles from black fondant. These will be the eyes
11. Cut out different shapes of pink fondant. These will be the mouth
12. Dap your paintbrush with little water and "glue" the hair pieces onto the face fondant.
13. "Glue" the rest of the facial pieces onto the faces
14. I also stamped the birthday girl's name onto the fondant pieces

Step 4: Put Your Fondant Pieces

15. Get your cupcakes out
16. Frost your cupcakes with red icing
17. Put your fondant pieces onto the frosted cupcakes

Step 5: Have Fun!

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