Introduction: Make Your Own Racing Gas

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DISCLAIMER: Like all of my Instructables; this contains adult humor.

We’ve all been there, you drive your golf cart out to your garage and try to decide which one of your fly whips to take out for a spin, to impress the LOCAL FINE LADIES.

The Skyline? LS300? Escalade riding on 30’s?

Finally you settle on the Diablo, but what’s this? no gas?

You check the drums of C6 and find them all empty….SHUCKS. What are you going to do now? Fill up on crappy 94 octane from your own personal pump located on your extensive mansion’s grounds?

Hell NO!

You bring it back old school!

To the time before you were spittin mad ryhmz up in the club.

Step 1: What You Need to Buy

First things first, you slap on a few chains and a brand new pair of white kicks and hop into the escalade.

First stop Canadian Tire, pick yourself up a 20L Jerry can, and a bottle of Marvel Magic Additive. Don’t forget your Canadian Tire money yo!

Next Stop Rona, you’re gonna wanna approach the sweet FINE YOUNG LADY in the paint department and ask her if she knows where the caulk is. They love that.

Then buy yourself a good 4L of Toluene or Xylene.

Step 2: Step 2

Now fill up the Jerry can about 15L full with 91 octane or higher Gasoline if you can get it.

Pour the Toluene into the jerry can and then add about 8 OZ of the Marvel Magic. Shake it up a little and it’s ready.

Step 3: Step 3

Okay here’s the hard part your gonna have to figure out a way to open the fuel port….here’s a picture of what it looks like on a CRX, just to prove that this racing gas works on real cars not just UNATTRACTIVE exotics.

Once you get that thing open, just pour the gas mixture in and your ready to ride.