Introduction: Make Your Own Shake Shopkins With Movable Bubble Gum.

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Make your own customized resin molded Shopkins toys with a hollow space inside. Add oils, real soda, powder and tiny gumballs! Shake the Shopkins like a snow globe!

Paint or dye the Shopkins with Acrylic or oil paints.
You can even add glitter or add Phosphorescent Powder to make it glow in the dark.

Use the same technique to create:
A Shopkins soda pop with real movable Pepsi inside.
A shopkins baby powder bottle with real movable powder inside.
A Snow Globe with real moveable liquid.
And More!

You will need:
6oz ComposiMold-LT
4oz Bubble Buster
1oz ImPRESSive Putty
8oz Clear Casting Plastic.
Silica Gel Balls
Stir Sticks (popsicle sticks)
Dropper bottle tops.
Acrylic Paints
Super Glue
Black marker (to draw the eyes)

Cutting Tools (We used Xuron cutter shears)
A Knife or scissors
Screwdriver and a screw (you can also use hot glue)
A gram scale
Rubber Gloves.
A Microwave