Introduction: Make Your Own Spare Diy Bench Boards and Save Money

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save your money and make your own vice boards.

which is going to be needed sooner or later.

plus its a good little project

Step 1: What You Will Need

1, a saw

2, a pencil

3,a square

4,marking knife

5, hand router (optional)

Step 2: Measuring

to start off

take your square or for this part you could use a ruler

get your measurements , the width, length and thickness of the bench;s wooden vice

dont worry to much over the thickness as it can be as thick as you like, within reason

Step 3: Adding the Measurements to Your Wood

now with your chosen bit of wood (i used ply wood)

with your measurements add these to your wood.

or if you have a piece of wood that when placed on the vice boards isnt far off as in measurements

place it over the closed vice boards square it up and draw around the vice boards now all you do is scribe it and your ready to saw

Step 4: Making Use of the Marking Knife

now using your marking knife.

carefully scribe the pencil lines made in the last step for your measurements.

make the first scribe shallow, second slightly add more pressure, then on the third make it quite deep.

Step 5: Sawing

now grab what ever saw you like to use and use the bench as a saw horse.

and carefully saw down your scribe;d lines.

Step 6: Plane

as shown in the pic above plane away any rough pieces of wood left from the sawing.

also if the wood has any belly:s or dips plane them out as well until level

(optional) with the plane at a 45 degree angle run the plane along the length of the wood on its sides

then run the plane along the same path but instead of 45 degree bring it up to about 60 degree

finally run the plane once more but hold the plane just below level with the wood ,

then do this on the other side which will leave you with nice rounded sides

Step 7: Finished Product

now as shown in the pic i haven:t added bench dog holes

or marked the protractor on to my ply but again this optional

maybe i will add some dog holes maybe not.

but any way,s hope you enjoy making your own

and much love to you all

and remember safety first

Step 8: