Introduction: Make Your Own Tarp Tents


Use blue tarps to make tents.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Materials needed: blue tarps, poles: 2" by 2" lumber, bamboo, or saplings, string, stakes (1” by 2” by 18” sharpened lumber or samplings).

Step 2: Make a Modle:

Look at the photos and make a paper model of the tent you want to make.

Use a rock and string to attach cords to your tarps or use Grip Clips:

For more details see:

Step 3: "String and Rock"

Attach cord to your tarp by using the “string and rock” technique (this is were you gather part of your tarp around a rock about the size of a walnut and wrap a 2’ section string around were you have gathered and tie it. The extra string is used to tie to poles or stakes. Or use Grip Clips:

Step 4: Interior Pole Supports

Where you want to place a pole inside your tarp tie a 5 layer pad made of a scrap section of your tarp to the top of your pole or use the Pro:

Step 5: Different Styes of Tents

One of the great things about this type of tent is that you do not damage the materials you are using and can re-arrange them to make a different style of tent later.

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