Introduction: Make Your Own Working Compass !

All you need are just a few supplies and a bowl of water !


1 Magnet, transparent tape, glue, yogurt lid (or any other big surface lid), scissor, and a compass face (info will be provided later on)

Step 1: Cut Out Your Compass Face

you can either make one or print one. You can find them online or you can use the one I used, I provided a link below.

Step 2: Glue Your Compass Face on the Lid

In this step you will glue your compass face onto your lid, if it dosen't fit you can trim the edges a bit.

Step 3: Place the Magnet on the Compass Face

place your magnet on the compass face, but hold on! don't stick it yet ! Just place the magnet either facing North or South. place it in a bowl of water and see whether it is facing north or south. if it is facing North you are good, but if it is facing South you will have to flip the magnet so that it will face North.

Step 4: Tape Your Magnet to the Compass Face

Use tape to stick your magnet to the compass face in the same direction as the previous step.

Step 5: Check If You Have the Right Directions

you can check if your compass tells you the right directions by using a compass app on the smart phone as shown in the picture.

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