Introduction: Make Your Refrigerator Spot Less Using Lemon and Vinegar Tips and Tricks

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If you are like me and you use your Refrigerator for most of the time then your Refrigerator will consist of many spots which is an heart break to you. So for removing that today I'm gonna show you a mixture which removes of the spot in your Refrigerator and makes it look so good.

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So let's get started with what made me do this.

Step 1: Fridge Has Many Problems...

In my case I made this Instructable when my mom said me to clean the refrigerator.

As it was used very frequently in our house and my younger brother shows his artistic nature on it.

After some research I came up with a mixture which I think effectively clean the stains so let's get started.

Step 2: Apparatus Required

You will need:

1. Lemon ( get it from local vegetable market)

2. Vinegar ( local general store)

3. Salt ( common salt )

4. A cloth ( a clean old cloth)

5. Knife and cutting board.

Of course an untidy refrigerator.

Let's get started.

Step 3: Take a Lemon and Cut It to the Half

Now take a fresh lemon and then using a knife cut it into two halves.

Here in the image I didn't use a cutting board but it is recommended.

As the liquid from lemon can leave spots on your kitchen support.

Step 4: Get Juice Out of Lemon

Gently crush the lemon to get juice out of it.

Step 5: Add Vinegar

Add 2 cups of vinegar to the mixture. Refer the image above.

Followthe steps in a correct order.

Step 6: I Found Something Wrong

In my first attempt I misordered the steps then I found that something wrong was going on in the bowl.

The reaction made me worry and get tensed.

So to avoid that follow the steps carefully.

Step 7: Adding Salt....

Add one teaspoon of salt to the mixture.

This makes the nature of mixture from highly acidic to little neutral nature.

Step 8: Dilution....

Dilute the solution using some water. I mean clean water.

Step 9: Dip the Cloth

Carefully dip the cloth into the mixture.

I recommend to have gloves to your hand.

Step 10: Cleaning Time...

Now clean all the spotty places in your refrigerator.

Also between the grills.

And you may also have some food marks it will be gone use little pressure on the tough stains.

Step 11: Now Your Refrigerator Is Spot Less

Wow you had done that and let your mom be surprised on your work.

I hope you liked this one. If you have any queries please comment below I'll definitely respond for all your questions.

Thanks for spending your time on this.

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