Introduction: Make Your Room Smell Fresh & Summery

Have a room that smells weird? Or want a room that smells as fresh as the spring outside? This instructable might work wonders..

Rooms and furniture may trap odours that may make the room feel stuffy and unpleasant. Deodorising sprays mostly only do so much as mask the odours until they wear off. This instructable shows how to kill the odour and infuse aromas making the room smell as fresh as spring and pleasant. It also works as an instant emergency measure when you face a smelly room and an impending arrival of guests.

Step 1: Clean Your Room

Clean your room includes:

Dusting, wiping and de-cluttering your room to embrace the freshness.

While doing so, open the windows for ventilation.

Step 2: Identify the Source of Odour

If having a specific odour, for e.g. of decaying food; identify it and get rid of it.

Step 3: The Ingredients

You will require:

1) A bowl of baking soda.
It neutralises the pH, so can kill the odours.

2) 1/3rd cup vinegar added to 2/3rd cup water. (for ease of application on walls due to being a liquid)

Step 4: The Odour Kill

Sprinkle the soda on floors, and in areas where you feel exude an odour.

It could be beneath tables, behind the bed etc.

For fabric upholstered furniture that harbours smell, sprinkle some on that too. Once the area is odour - free, dust off the soda or vaccuum the furniture. It generally takes half -one hour or upto 2 hours in some cases.

If you feel the need, wipe the walls with the diluted vingar mix if they are one of the culprits.

This step alone lends the room surprising freshness.

Step 5: Infusing the Aromas

You will need:
(This step is optional)

Any one or some of the following:

- Pot pourri
- Aromatic candles
- Incense sticks
- Fresh fragrant flowers
- Citrus peels
- Talcum powder
- Essential oils or essences like vanilla, diluted in water, in a spray bottle
- Diffusers
- Waste soap wrappers (left after removing the soap from the pack)
- Baking (cookies/bread etc.)

- Deodorising sprays (least preferred but a good quick - fix for instant results)

Tip: Choose your favourite essences, or essences that hint freshness, spring and summer eg.
fresh lilies, lavender, or orange peels - all impart freshness to the room. But do not use more than 2 as it could smell confusing.

Once you've gotten rid of the odour and cleaned up the soda (important as it can kill aromas too), it's time for the aromas to set in.

• Take the pot pourri and tie it into a sachet with perforated cloth/paper and hang it in a breezy place eg.the window.

• Keep a vase of fresh flowers on your table.
• Place citrus peels throughout your room.

• Use diffusers with essential oils.

• Bake for a comforting and homely air.

• For your wardrobe, place the fragrant soap wrappers somewhere inside to keep out any bugs and keep it smelling pleasant.

• Spritz the deodoriser/ essence mixture onto your table/furniture. You could dilute it and mix it with an antibacterial. Only very lightly, not to the extent of dampness.

• Use incense sticks, candles for instant temporary effect.

• Sprinkle talcum powder onto the upholstered furniture and then vacuum it after a while.

It will only be a while when the aromas will be infused into your room for weeks to come. Enjoy the spring and summer freshness... :)

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