Awesome Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

Introduction: Awesome Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

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From the moment my blocky feet stepped into a jungle biome...

The moment my eyes saw the giant trees...

I knew...

I had to have an awesome house on a tree. I would be free from the assaults of exploding creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies. It would be a jungle themed home. The views would be amazing...

Is there anything cooler than a giant treehouse? Perhaps. But often we think it is too much effort to build a jungle treehouse and build a classic house on the ground. Why? It's easier and safer.

But I finally gave in to the temptation of building a treehouse a few days ago. First, I would perfect the design in creative mode. Next I would take pictures so I would remember how to build it. But then I thought, why not make an Instructable!

So here we are.

Step 1: Materials

50 jungle wood stairs

36 jungle wood fences

16 glass panes

104 jungle wood slabs

16 moss stone (could be replaced by mossy cobblestone, cobblestone, stone bricks, etc)

48 jungle wood blocks

20 or so jungle planks (you can use slabs instead)


Cocoa beans


4 blocks Glowstone

(I counted this afterwards, so please correct me as necessary in the comments)

Step 2: Find a Jungle

This is one of the tricky parts.

I am playing in 1.8.1 in this tutorial, and if you want to try this out you can use the seed that I used that spawns you in the middle of a jungle. The seed is quite simply: "f". Just the f, not the quotes or period.

Next you want to collect the resources shown on the materials list. (People playing in creative can read ahead.)

Some things that will help you in this build would be bringing either ladders or vines with you up the tree. Also bring around 10 leaves.

Step 3: Pick a Tree

When I am choosing a tree, I usually pick a medium sized one. The short ones don't have any view, and the tall ones have clouds float through them from time to time. It helps to pick a tree with lots of vines, so you can climb it easier.

After you have selected a tree, start climbing it. Make sure to fill in any gaps with vines or ladders. When you get to the leaves, punch through them and place vines until you reach the top.

Step 4: Start Building

Place wooden slabs until they cover the top layer of the tree. From the three trees I tested, they were all in the perfect shape shown in the second picture. If the tree is not, use leaves to fill in the gaps. There is no need to cover the spot where you climbed up from.

On the four flat sides of the shape, 2 blocks down there should be 2 leaves. place two blocks of jungle wood there and repeat for all four sides.

Add one fence post on top of each wood block.

Place a slab over each fence. It should look like picture 6.

Start placing slabs diagonally across. after one side is done it will look like picture s 9 and 10. Do this for all four sides and it should look like picture 11, and should be in a similar shape to the first layer of slabs placed, but one block bigger on each side.

Step 5: Build the Basic Structure

Look at one of the diagonal sides. There should be 5 corners visible. Punch out the one in the middle.

2 blocks down, on top of leaves, place jungle wood, then a fence, then jungle wood again.

Place two fences on top of each jungle wood block.

On top of those fences place a block of wood.

Connect each of the blocks with jungle wood blocks.

Place wooden slabs across. They should be on the top halves of the blocks.

Build up 3 wood blocks.

Step 6: The Roof and the Walls

From each of the wood "pillars" build across with moss stone. Above that add glass panes, and above that add wood planks.

The building should look like the fifth picture.

Place stairs around the roof. The stairs should be facing like you could climb them. Place them against the wood planks.

Add another layer of stairs, this time placing it on top of the planks.

Place slabs to cover the roof. They should be flat on the same level as the tops of the stairs. Leave the middle four gaps empty.

Cover those gaps, just make sure the slabs are on top of it, not the same level as the stairs.

Step 7: Railing and Stairs

On the edges of the structure, place slabs.

On top of the slabs, place fences.

Do this for the entire edge of the structure.

Face the spot where you climbed up.

Look up at the roof and see which end of the building is farthest from the hole.

Destroy those four slabs. Place stairs and slabs until it meets the floor level.

Now you can walk up into the upper building.

You can place a bed, crafting table, chest, furnace, etc., up there.

Step 8: Extras and Completion

If you want more of a jungle-ey feel, like I did, you can add cocoa beans and vines to the side of the house.

Also, if you want to add lighting, the four block spot on the roof in the upper building works well.

If you want to have an enchanting table, you can put the bed, crafting table, and furnace downstairs and put enchanting stuff inside.

If you need more room, you can add another house on a different tree and connect it with a bridge.

Be sure to create your own variations-if you do, post a picture in the comments, I would love to see your ideas!

Thank you all for reading!



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    2 years ago

    It's pretty cool! The only problems I had was that some leaves needed chopping, and the staircase needed improvising. Either way, I had fun making it and it looks nice in the end.


    2 years ago

    Cool Instructable!! i'm thinking of this for my vacation home!!


    6 years ago

    Really cool treehouse. You could also make catwalks to other trees and build small buildings for storage rooms.


    7 years ago

    That would make a nice spawned structure. If you are using PC maybe we could any together?