Make Zipper Pulls From Sample Chips

Introduction: Make Zipper Pulls From Sample Chips

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Use some sample chips from the home improvement store (better yet- ask for the "retired" sample chips and you'll hit the motherlode) and make some nifty zipper pulls, keyfobs, or backpack ID tags!

Step 1: Prepare the Sample Chips

Peel off the little sticker on the back of the chips and lightly sand, if you like. You'll be working on the non-shiny side.

Step 2: Paint the Chip

Paint your samples any color you like. I use a foam brush. Let dry completely.

Step 3: Get 'Podging

Use Mod Podge as a base and layer on old cancelled stamps, images from magazines, or comics. Let your personality shine! Stickers make nice monograms, too. Remember to put Mod Podge on top, as well, to seal. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Make It Shine

Once your tag is dry, add a shiny top coat like Mod Podge Dimensional Magic or even a resin. It'll make it even more durable.

Step 5: Wear With Pride

Once your top coat is dry, just use a lanyard hood or a keyfob to thread through the hole. Easy-Peasy!

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