Introduction: Make a 24x8 Led Matrix (arduino)

This display is 3 feet long, and just over a foot high! Thats half the size of a large, flatscreen TV! Plus, the whole thing is arduino controlled, so you can program it to do other cool things.

So what are you waiting for? Get those LEDs out and heat up your soldering iron because we are about to make a 24X6 LED matrix!

Step 1: Thing We Need

  1. 1 Arduino board

  2. 192 LEDs

  3. 3 x 74HC595 shift registers

  4. 28 91ohm resistors

  5. 8 1k resistors

  6. 8 2N3904 transistors

  7. 1 4017 decade counter

  8. 1 dot board

Step 2: Schematics for the Led Matrix

You need to bend the positive lead of the LED down towards the other
ones and make a column, and snip off the leads you didn't use and try to make the connections as low as you can get, and you do this to all of the positive leads.

Now the negative leads are connected in a column and thats make soldering tricky because the positive rows are in the way, so you will need to make a 90 degrees bend with the negative lead and make a bridge over the positive row to the next negative lead, and so on to the next LEDs.

Step 3: Schematics for the Circuit

Step 4: Arduino Code