Introduction: Make a 2GIG Like Door Sensor for ~$4 Depending on Purchase Volumes

This guide will demonstrate the process that you can follow to make your own compatible security door sensor that still looks sleek and is very low cost.

Step 1: Use Logic or Protocol Analyzer to Determine Door Sensor RF Protocol for Each State

We are showing an already decoded 2GIG Compatible sensor and so you can hook up your equipment to other door sensors to decode the sensors Manchester II Encoding Protocol or review our attached source code on how it is implemented.

Step 2: Use the Attached BOM and GERBER Files to Order the PCB

You can send a board house the attached files to have the board made and parts placed from many board houses including any of the listed places below:

  • and Many More.

Step 3: Work With Board House to Have Your Parts Placed

Stay in communication with your board house and work with them on getting the boards completed and the parts placed and shipped out to you.

Step 4: Program the Boards

When the boards arrive you will need to program the boards and so purchase a low cost Microchip programmer found here and reference the schematic and programming instruction noted below to program the MCU.

Step 5: 3D Print Enclosure and Purchase Magnet With Sticky Tape

If you have a 3D printer print the above enclosure base and lid. If you don't have a 3D printer, then you can have one made at any of the sites shown below. Reference the attached files for the files to print.

Example Magnet to Purchase: $0.74 or you can find cheaper also and it should work.

Step 6: Contact Us or Reference the Open Hardware and Open Software Porject to Make Improvements

This project is open source and open hardware and you can add to the source code shown below or if you would like us to and make a donation to improve this project, please reference the link below or reach out to

Source of Entire Project Contents:

Thank You,

Fuzion Code Engineers