Introduction: Make a 3-D Game in Computer With Coppercube

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I made a game in coppercube!

In this you will learn how to make game in copper cube or any other software.You will also meet me in other instructable!

Now follow me and let's make a game in computer with coppercube

Step 1: Downloading Coppercube , Making the Plan

First of all download Copper cube from

Download the first one "Copper cube 3d authoring tool"

Now it's time to make a plan of the games!

Make a plan.I made a plan that is shown above!

decide the story about your game, decide a title of your game and decide the characters of the game or simply

make a game related another game.

I made a game related another game.

Step 2: Designing the Area and Adding the Camera

It's time to design the area by adding Skybox and terrain.

To add a terrain

  • In scene editing tab there are 23 items after 6 items the 7th item select it.
  • There are option to create a terrain select options then click OK.

Click terrain then you will see terrain editing window there are option to edit the terrain.

To add a Skybox

  • In the Prefabs window there some prefabs search for "sunset skybox"
  • select it then the skybox will appear in the game

In the scene editing window there are other items you can also add them to your game.

Don't Forget to add a camera

To add a camera

  • In the scene editing window after 11 items the 12th item select it
  • Now there are types of camera select 2nd one to make a FPS game or select 3rd one to make a Third Person Shooter game

FPS means First Person Shooter game.There are other cameras you can also add them to your game!

Step 3: Adding Soliders and Behaviors

It's time to add some soldiers in your game if you don't add soldiers the player will bore to play the game!

To add a soldier

  • In the Prefabs window search for "Soldier" select it
  • The soldier will appear in your game

To change the textures of the soldier in Properties window click "Materials" there textures select a texture in "Textures" window and then change the selected texture with the default texture

To add a behavior to a soldier

  • Select the soldier in the Properties window click "Behaviors"
  • Now click "+" to add a Behavior
  • Point the mouse on "Game Behaviors" select "Game Actor with Health"
  • Do this again in the camera but change the "mode" the mode is "Stand still" with "This is the player"

To change the properties of the behavior there are options when select the behavior simply change the options.You can also add the behaviors to other objects

Step 4: Add Detailings

Now it's time to add detailing to your game like a car with a black smoke that is shown above!

You can also add prefabs from the Prefabs window

You can also make your own Prefabs

Add detailing like Doors,LCD s,Pistols on tables,tables

Step 5: Publishing Your Games

At last your game is ready for publishing

To Publish your game

  • In the File tab point the mouse on "Publish"
  • Now you can see a lot of options to publish if your going to make the game for window exe you can choose "Publish as windows (.exe)"

You can also make the game for Android,Flash,MacOSX,WebGL

Now send your game to you friends and other people and you also sell them!

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