Make a 4.75 Inch Passive Radiator Speaker Dirt Cheap From Scratch (pair)

Introduction: Make a 4.75 Inch Passive Radiator Speaker Dirt Cheap From Scratch (pair)

I recently looked at passive radiator speakers and realized that they are expensive, so I came across some parts and I'll show you how to build one yourself

Step 1: Materials

DVD (to trace the main speaker part)




something to hold the speaker in place (I used the top of a camera dome


marking tool

drill with bit (optional)

Step 2: Mark the Main Part

take the disk and outline two circles in your cardboard, make sure that your cardboard is large enough for two DVD's

Step 3: Cut It Out

cut the markings out with scissors, make it very neat and tidy

Step 4: Make Adjustments

make any and all adjustments according to the piece that holds your cardboard

Step 5: Cover the Cardboard in Silicon

cover the cardboard in silicon to hopefully give it a better sound and better look

Step 6: Cut Out the Surrounds on the Cloth and Glue Them to the Cardboard Pieces With Silicon

self explanitory

Step 7: Putting the Speaker Part on the Speaker Holder

once your silicon has dried, glue the entire speaker part to the speaker holder with silicon and let that dry

Step 8: Waterproof the Speaker

give the surrounds a good helping of silicon and completely cover it in silicon

Step 9: Let It Dry

let it dry

Step 10: Trim It

trim the excess cloth off and now you have a professional looking pair of passive radiator speakers cheap!

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