Introduction: Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging From Matchbox?

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Matchboxes are the most common items in every home. They are usually considered to be a waste substance and thrown after use. However, do you know that some amazing and decorative crafts can be made of the empty matchboxes as well? Yes, that’s right!

Here, we are going to make a beautiful wall hanging from matchbox which has an ethnic touch to it. It is a decorative piece and gives a traditional look to the walls. This is the beautiful Recycled Craft made using empty matchboxes and decorative beads.

Step 1: Things Needed to Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging

  • Matchboxes
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Decorative Stones & Beads
  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Golden Spray Color
  • Cardboard
  • Pearls
  • Beads
  • Decorative Lace
  • Glitter Sheet

Step 2: Let's Cut the Matchbox Cover!

  • Let's start with the matchboxes.
  • Take the matchbox and keep the upper cover of the box.
  • Now press the matchbox cover to make it flat.
  • Cut out small pieces of this cover.
  • Use your fingers to make a pattern of the cutout pieces. Make multiple such designs.

Step 3: Let's Color the Matchbox Cover Design!

  • Shake the golden spray bottle well before spraying it on the designs.

Step 4: Let's Make Design on Ice Cream Sticks!

  • Stick the decorative beads as well on the ice cream stick. Make multiple such arrangements.

Step 5: Let's Decorate the Glitter Circle!

  • Take a circular cardboard and paste a glitter paper on it.
  • Now draw a small inner circle.
  • Take a decorative stone and paste it at the centre of the circle.
  • Now decorate the craft with decorative beads and pearls.

Step 6: Let's Paste the Decorative Arrangements!

  • Paste the decorative arrangements on the circle.
  • Now decorate using decorative stones.
  • Paste a lace on the backside of the craft for hanging.

Wow!! Your beautiful wall decor from Matchbox is now ready.

Step 7: ​Conclusion

This matchbox wall hanging looks so elegant on the walls of the room that you are definitely going to get appreciated for this craft. Also, it is difficult to guess that this ethnic wall hanging is made up of matchboxes.

Hope you loved making this beautiful craft. Please do not forget to share your experiences and feedback with us in the comments section.

Happy Crafting!