Introduction: Make a Bench Dog With a Difference/bench Plate

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hi every 1, i hope you all had a great xmas.

any way what you will need for this quick but very useful instructable

1 piece of scrap wood roughly the size of your vice.

another piece of wood measuring 3 inch x the length you want

wood glue.

3,1 inch screws

a screw driver or drill


pencil/ scriber

Step 1: Measure Your Wood

measure then saw the scrap wood.

you want to make it as long as you like.

mine is 3 inches for the vice bit

and 12 inches for the part that will lay across your bench.

Step 2: Srew/glue Up

now you have 2 pieces of wood.

drill 3 pilot holes.

make sure your pilot holes are smaller than the screws

then lay the long bit that will go across the bench out flat.

then glue the smaller 3 inch bit at a 90 degree angle.

then let the glue bond

Step 3: Add the Screws

once dried let the 3 inch bit lay in your vice.

then drive the 3 screws into the pilot holes

Step 4: That,s It You Now Have a Bench Plate

i have added a few pics to show you what it does

just place the 3 inch bit

place in the vice

tighten the vice

and thats it .

the bench plate comes in so handy .

for planeing.


and the likes