Introduction: Make a Bowl Out of Plastic Trash

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A few years ago I saw a video tutorial on how to reuse plastic bags and repurpose them into a firm grocery bag, which is a great way to reuse all of those plastic bags that everyone has in their home.

However, there's a lot of other plastic packaging that just piles up, mostly plastic packaging from food and I wanted to try and reuse and repurpose those packagings for something useful.

Step 1: Materials and How to Make It

Materials you'll need:

- plastic packagings

- an iron

- a towel

- baking paper

The first step is to pile the plastic packagings on top of each other, in layers. Depending on how thick you want your final product to be, that's how much layers you'll need to use.

For example, in the video I made a flower pot, for which I used about 5 layers of plastic, to make it thicker as it needs to hold some weight inside - soil and plants.

The other thing I made in the video is a simple food bowl for cats, for which I needed only 3 plastic bags, as it won't hold anything heavy inside.

The good thing about this plastic is that it's waterproof so you can use it for anything outdoors.

So, once you have piled up your plastic, put baking paper over it and start ironing. The plastic will slowly melt to each other, if you notice that it's melting too much and it starts having holes, then turn down the heat on the iron and use a minimum heat setting.

Once you iron it, you will have a firm piece of plastic material.

You can now model it how you want - I wanted to make bowls so I used a plastic bowl as a mold. Cover up the mold with baking paper so your plastic doesn't stick to it.

Then, put the plastic material on to the mold and iron again until you shape it how you want it.

When the shape is done, nice and firm, remove the baking paper and remove the mold.

You then have a brand new bowl made out of plastic trash.

Step 2: VIDEO

For a step by step procedure, please watch the video.

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